Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 30 Getting Started on B Mod Project

We started today with a brief overview of my expectations, a repeat of previous discussions we have had.

You are all now aware of one of the ways that our brains learn information - repetition over time.  An extremely effective study strategy is to skim through all of your notes three or four times a week from the beginning of any course.  Take note of the highlights on each page of notes.  That's it.  Your brain will do all the work for you.

Then we moved onto your work on Behaviour Modification - many of you had not started so today everyone did get started - often the most difficult part of a task is getting started.  You should all have your completed work ready to submit during the week after Easter.  If you're done early please submit early and I'll mark your work.  Turnitin please.  The code for this course is 9753982 and the password is simply   acton    .

Refer back to a couple of earlier blog posts for details on the project.

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