Friday, March 6, 2015

DAY 24 Behaviour Modification and Catching Up after my absence

Co-created criteria to look for in your B-Mod Project.


  • Correctly identifying a workable problem (e.g. bad habit)
  • Correctly listing and explaining Skinner's theory
  • Positive/Negative Punishments/Rewards - fully explain each, with examples


  • You correctly / effectively evaluate your personal "conditioning" according to Skinner's principles.  (You state clearly whether your program is effective or not and WHY)
  • You show clear connections between your program and Skinner's ideas.
  • Clear examples offered and explained.


  • Writing Style or Presentation Style is clear, concise.
  • Free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Graphics used effectively to support your ideas.
  • Proper/Effective paragraph structure - topic sentence, ppd


  • Relating knowledge to the issue (problem)
  • Examples used effectively
  • Experiment on yourself uses Skinner's principles effectively (explain)

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