Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DAY 13 Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Maslow Intro Video - in this video some of the shortcomings of Maslow's theory are highlighted.  In fact they are not actual shortcomings but because most people understand this theory incorrectly they appear to be shortcomings.

Maslow did not require that we meet our more basic needs before acting on our higher needs.  He suggested that our behaviours are motivated by our most immediate needs.  Also he suggested that most well-adjusted people have satisfied most of their needs at each level.  And, in order to be a "self-actualized" person, it tends to be easier if most of our other needs are met, however this is certainly not always the case.  The idea of being "self-actualized", typically the pinnacle of Maslow's Hierarchy, simply means that we are at our best, achieving goals and moving on to other goals and to continue to be "at our best."

Examples of this include war correspondents who die in the line of duty.  Here's a recent example from the news in Syria . . . link to news story of reporters killed in Syria . . . these reporters did not have their safety needs met, in fact they were doing their jobs knowing full well that their lives were in danger, yet they still worked and were being very self-actualized in that way - they were at the height of their abilities as reporters and photographers but were constantly in mortal danger.  Also, if you have read the story of the Uruguayan rugby team that crashed in the Andes you'll find that many of them had interesting relationships and accomplished great things for three months before being saved despite being in peril each day.

Here's the handout from the class.  Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

After discussing each of Maslow's needs, briefly, you are to complete your own Hierarchy of Needs by completing the "pyramid" that I distributed (it's in the link above).  This should give you a good indication of what behaviours you engage in that result in your needs being met.

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