Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 1 (Feb 3) Welcome to Triologies

DAY 1 Oh the Places You'll GO ! ! !

We began the first class with an old fashioned story-time story, "Oh the Places You'll Go", by Dr. Seuss.  My personal message to all of you is that you are at the beginning of the best journey of your life, the journey into fully fledged adulthood and you are all well on your way to great things.

After the story we had a good look at some ideas about Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology through a slide show and accompanying questions.  Some of the ideas centered around what makes people think, say and do the things they think, say and do.  This will be one of the underlying themes in most days of this course, that is, trying to understand human behaviour, within our own minds, with others in social settings and with the larger population in culture.  I can't wait for us to really get under way in this class!

The slide show indicated various ways that the fields of Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology would look at different situations from around the world.  Great discussion everyone!

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