Friday, September 14, 2012

DAY 4 Multiple Intelligence Theory

Yesterday everyone did the Mensa Mental Workout test - then we discussed various aspects of test taking, what the test actually tests, what does "Intelligence" actually mean.

Then I asked everyone to begin discussing your opinions to help with your thinking on the Mensa Follow Up.

So far so good, everyone - I'm thinking that you are all doing a great job so far!!  Yay!

Remember - I never ask, "How Intelligent Are You?".

Rather, I ask, "How Are You Intelligent?".

Here's a link to the lecture on the nature of intelligence and our school systems' inability to embrace all intelligences.  Here's the link to Sir Ken Robinson.

We discussed the nature of Intelligence further today and then we distributed a handout on the current thinking about Intelligence.

Here's the Multiple Intelligence Handout for the day (and here's the 2nd one for the day on MI.)

We went through the definitions of Intelligence and then you got into groups and created lovely chart pages, life-size! - with all the information on intelligence that we need and then you all did a great job of presenting your information to the class - now it's much clearer where Multiple Intelligence shows up in society.

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