Monday, September 17, 2012

DAY 10 (Sept 17) Freudian Slips!

Beginning our look at normal development and socialization from babyhood to adulthood, we looked at Freud and his Theory of  Psycho Sexual Development.

We also had a look through the Freud PowerPoint presentation on the same topic.

Then we had a look at the fun questionnaire, What Gender is Your Brain, which is a quick (albeit completely unscientific yet fun) look at whether your brain is hard-wired more in line with a typically female or male brain in problem-solving thought patterns.

Sigmund Freud is considered the "Father of Psychoanalysis" and some of his pioneering work in this field is considered important today, but to be fair, much of his work is widely considered to be incorrect - his legacy and popularity live on perhaps because he was widely read and ground-breaking in his connection to psychology and sexual drives in people, a topic considered "taboo" in at the time of his writing in the largely still Victorian-age Europe.  

After considering Freud for part of the class we had a look back at Behaviour Modification - first the three short videos from the other day, then an explanation of your first project in the course.

Behaviour Modification Project: for today, start with a behaviour of yours that you would like to change.  Brainstorm ideas of how/why that behaviour is easy for your to engage in and put the reasons into the left hand column of a chart that you make.

On the right hand side of that chart list the reasons that make it difficult for you to stop the behaviour.

Below the chart list things (modifications) that you could put into place that might help you to curb or improve the behaviour.

Behaviour Modification Project  Baseline Due Wednesday, Final Project Due Oct 2.  You will be pasting the link to a Google tool that I will share with you later.  There is also some daily work that must be done for this project, and yes, you will be marked daily on it.

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