Monday, September 19, 2011

DAY 6 (Sept 13) The Human Brain

Today Mr. Mark looked at various functions of the human brain starting with a look at the old "science" of Phrenology - reading bumps on one's head.  Mine's nice and round like a cue-ball so there's not much inside to worry about.

Here's the completed "map" of the brain with a bit of information about various parts as discussed during class and in the PowerPoint Presentation on the Brain that we looked at today.

The reason that I asked you to take notes during my presentation and then afterward (actually finished this on Wednesday) I gave you a completed set of notes is so that your brain had to perform several more functions than if I had simply given you the completed set of notes.  By performing more tasks involving processing that information about the brain and its functions via my presentation you are much more likely to understand and retain more of the information.

Keep working on your own time on the Bulletin Board presentation that is due next Monday, Feb. 14.  This coming Friday we will be back in the lab for a final work period on it.  You should, at that time, be putting your board together.

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