Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 3 (Sept 8) Mensa and Intelligence

After yesterday's assembly we're all back on track and I'm loving it!  Hope you are too. 

Today everyone did the Mensa Mental Workout test - then we discussed various aspects of test taking, what the test actually tests, what does "Intelligence" actually mean.

Then I asked everyone to begin working on an opinion piece to help with your thinking Mensa Follow Up.

So far so good, everyone - I'm thinking that you are all doing a great job so far!!  Yay!

Remember - I never ask, "How Intelligent Are You?".

Rather, I ask, "How Are You Intelligent?".

We followed this up with a lecture on the nature of intelligence and our school systems' inability to embrace all intelligences.  Here's the link to Sir Ken Robinson.

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